Jia (Daisy) Hua

We’re getting ready for the runway show from our second group of MFA Fashion Design and Society¬†students this Fashion Week. In advance, we’ll be sharing some selected looks from our student designers before the show happens on September 12. You’ll be able to watch it live online;. in the meantime, check out. . .

JIA HUA, Age 25 (China)


My collection mixes athletic fabrics with couture handcrafting techniques. I was inspired by the work of artists like Mickalene Thomas, Caroline Larsen and Dan Flavin. The traditional handicrafts also have a great influence on me. In the collection, I use multiple techniques, including weaving, hand stitching, and bonding to create rich layers. The neon color shines through dark sheer chiffon, creating a color mystery.

Watch the full runway show, live! Thursday, September 12, 2013.  10:00 a.m. EST

Jia Hua_c. Paul Jung_004

Jia Hua_c. Paul Jung_002

Jia Hua_c. Paul Jung_006