Project Linus

Written by:  Talia Handler

When most people think of Parsons School of Design, they think about runways and sewing, intense homework assignments, and sleepless nights.  But for some professors and students, such as Assistant Professor Francesca Sammaritano, and her childrenswear class, they see the school as a way to use those learned skills in helping others.

Linus 7

Project Linus is a wonderful charity to fit in with the childrenswear classes at Parsons.  The charity helps children, and Parsons Design students were given the opportunity to put their sewing skills to great use through making quilts.  This charity, which was started in 1995 and has now expanded to 50 states, collects quilts and blankets to distribute to kids in hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, and anywhere a child might need a big hug (as worded in their mission statement).

Francesca’s class, and a few other professors devoted their last classes of the semester to making these vibrant quilts to help kids in need.  Students were excited about the opportunity to give back, especially after a year of sewing for their own personal projects.  Most students were also able to recycle old fabrics that they had used throughout the semester, giving a second use to them, so they didn’t go to waste.

The final products, shown in the slideshow below, were more beautiful then we imagined. Everyone who took part was excited for the warmth they will one day bring a child in need. To read more on Project Linus and how you can help, visit their website at Project Linus.

Parsons, School of Fashion, looks forward to running this project again in May 2014.

Special thanks to the students and professors who participated:

Lyn Caponera, Wei Ng, Florencia Chavez, Eszter Kovacs, Francesca Sammaritano, Talia Handler, Diana Flavio Woodside, Evelyn Tao, Paige Fleming, Jonathon Iovine , Nicole Monfils, Julia Passafiume, Ariana Breall, Aracely Santamaria, Priscilla Choi and our technician Marco Viteri.

Photography by Domenico Cassataro

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