Abigail Lewis

We’re getting ready for the runway show from our second group of MFA Fashion Design and Society¬†students this Fashion Week. In advance, we’ll be sharing some selected looks from our student designers before the show happens on September 12. You’ll be able to watch it live online;. in the meantime, check out. . .

Abigail Daphne Lewis, Age 29 (Alton, Illinois)

<em dash>

em dash suggests the intersection of the abstract and the concrete. The em dash is simultaneously a physical line as well as a symbol used to indicate breaks of meaning in sentence structure. The inspiration for this collection began with the concept of enantiodromia, Jung’s principle that the excess of any thing becomes its opposite. Here, the recurring theme is that of the em dash. In fabrication, it becomes a band that while cut straight, curves once placed on the body. Elongated bugle beads made from glass medical tubing are woven together to create fabric that is both hard and soft, and masculine and feminine, through the use of traditional menswear fabric and delicate beading. Though composed of thousands of straight lines, the fabric appears curved as it molds to the body.

Watch the full runway show, live! Thursday, September 12, 2013.  10:00 a.m. EST

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