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About BFA Fashion Design

Students in the BFA Fashion Design program are encouraged to challenge existing perceptions of fashion through their own unique lens that seek to disrupt expected norms towards new proposed innovative outcomes. By examining advanced social theoretical and contextual applications of fashion design, students are encouraged to express deeper levels of criticality and messaging through their work. For more information about the curriculum, admission, faculty and notable alumni please visit the BFA Fashion Design program page.


All students in the BFA Fashion Design program are able to select one of four pathways during their studies, which will impact the ways in which they examine fashion and how they present their final work. Beginning in the spring semester of your Sophomore year, students are offered the opportunity to explore and develop personalized approaches to research, design vocabularies, and creative technical proficiencies within particular areas of foci. Students should select a specialization that best reflects their design interest, proficiency and personal strengths.


With multi-layered external projects and competitions, students compete in real world design challenges for some of the biggest names in global fashion and retailing. To learn more about past partnerships please see our Partners page.