WGSN Contest Winner: Under Construction

I would like to introduce you to Aria Choung, Fashion Marketing student. What brought her to Parsons, The School of Fashion, was found right here, on 560 where she is now being featured.

Aria Choung

While Aria was living in the suburbs of San Francisco, she secretly bookmarked and read fashion websites such as Style.com and,of course, the Parsons 560 blog. It was on 560, where she read of another student, similar to herself, who won a Trend Spotting contest with global trend analysis and research firm, WGSN.  Never having visited New York City, she was surprised to see how a young fashion marketing student could uncover such feminine styles, colorful imagery and fashionable young people in what she assumed was a gritty urban metropolis.  The seed to study at Parsons was planted, and imagine her surprise, when just a few months later, she finds herself not only taking the Trend Spotting class at Parsons, but placing on the short list of contestants, and two weeks later, finding out she won the very same contest which drew her to NYC and Parsons in the first place!

“Under Construction” is the title of Ms. Choung’s Trend Story. Challenged during the harsh New York winter of 2011, taking a full course load and interning at Gucci, she still managed to find daily inspirational images. She uncovered brightness in the city, and was drawn to color blocking in unlikely places. While reviewing her photographs, the theme rose from her observations. Whether it be a construction sign or bright orange skirt peeking from underneath an overcoat, the time restraints of this project pushed her to build supporting content for the story.

Congratulations to all of the students who entered the competition. Aria has won an internship at WGSN, so we look forward to her future successes in the field! The first page of her Trend Story is presented below.