MobilityShifts: An International Future of Learning Summit

Why not join us for The New School’s “MobilityShifts: An International
Future of Learning Summit”?

This weeklong summit will take place from October 10-16, 2011 at The New
School’s Greenwich Village campus. Only 12 days to go!! It will feature
more than 260 participants from 21 countries as part of a conference, a
science fair, a theater performance, dozens of hands-on workshops, and
two exhibitions investigating the changing landscape of
deinstitutionalized, self-directed learning with digital media.

Register for the more than 100 events, read the unabbreviated program
online, and find a complete list of participants:

Students from all across the university are already on board as
presenters or volunteers. Faculty members in various divisions of The
New School have designed courses around this summit. Please contact us
if you would like the summit chair to speak to your students in
preparation of the summit.

The program is attached.

Summit Chair:
R. Trebor Scholz (Department of Culture and Media, Eugene Lang College
The New School for Liberal Arts)

A continuation of The New School’s Biennial Politics of Digital Culture
conference series, MobilityShifts will explore deinstitutionalized,
self-directed learning. This combination of educational and
technological changes provides a stark incentive for students to step
outside the academy to meet their learning goals. Unsurprisingly,
deinstitutionalized, self-directed learning is not new. In 1915, one of
the founders of The New School, John Dewey, emphasized that education
does not only take place in schools and that it ought to prepare
learners for democratic citizenship. Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich
fought to de-school society following his belief that students learn
without and often despite their teachers. Jacques Rancière emphasized
emancipated learning and Joseph Beuys mobilized the concept of the
social sculpture. Today, the 1970s model of the free, anti-institutional
“university” meets new learning opportunities provided by digital media.
MobilityShifts explores these changing locales for learning, from
libraries, after school programs, museums, and abandoned barbershops.
Some Do-It-Yourself learning projects presented at the summit include
The Free Slow University of Warzaw, Edu-Factory, The School of
Everything, The Public School, Bruce High Quality Foundation,
Cybermohalla in India, SuperCool School, Universidad Experimental, P2P
U, Conecta2 in Mexico, The University of the People, Citilab in Spain,
or EscueLab in Peru.

Selected speakers include:
Eduardo Ochoa (United States Under Secretary for Higher Education),
David Van Zandt (President, The New School), Cathy Davidson (Duke
University), Mimi Ito (University of California, Irvine), Henry Jenkins
(University of Southern California), Geert Lovink (Hogeschool van
Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Shin Mizukoshi
(University of Tokyo, Japan), John Palfrey (Harvard Law School), Irit
Rogoff (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK), Juliana Rotich (Ushahidi,
Kenya), Shveta Sarda (Cybermohalla, India), Frank Schulenburg (Wikimedia
Foundation), Siva Vaidhyanathan (University of Virginia), and John
Willinsky (Stanford University).

MobilityShifts is sponsored by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur
Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation. Convened by R. Trebor Scholz, the
summit is co-chaired by Karen DeMoss (The New School), Sean Dockray (The
Public School), Edward Keller (The New School), Elizabeth Losh (UCSD),
Matthew K. Gold (CUNY), and David Theo Goldberg (UCLA). The members of
The New School steering committee members are Arien Mack, Katie Salen,
and McKenzie Wark. The event producer is Jennifer Conley Darling and
associate producers are Elizabeth Carlson and Caroline Buck.

MobilityShifts is made possiblNew School: President’s Office, Eugene Lang College The New School for
Liberal Arts, Parsons The New School for Design, The New School for
Public Engagement, The New School for Social Research and The New School
for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

MobilityShifts is presented in partnership with Carnegie Mellon
University, Eyebeam, Goethe Institut, HASTAC, Japan Society,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mute Magazine, Prezi, School of
the Art Institute of Chicago, Social Text, The American University of
Paris, The University of Pennsylvania, UCSD Sixth College, and The Vera
List Center for Art and Politics.