Dear Runway Reviewers, part 2. xoxo, Fashion Publishing

Paris fashion week means we’re scouring the runway reviews in Fashion Publishing. Yesterday we live blogged the results of a discussion regarding what we love to see reviewers do; today comes the “needs improvement” category. Pull all of these tips together and it’s a tall order for any blogger, but choose one or two and we’ll click “Follow” in  a split second…

I hate it when the reviewer just rants about something he or she didn’t like as if trying to convince others to have the same opinion.

-A.J. Jimenez

I don’t like it when a review focuses too much on one single piece in a collection. I think every piece functions as a whole with the others and has been placed in this particular spot for a reason.

-Laura Gallon

I don’t like it when a writer decides a designer hasn’t translated their inspiration well, but doesn’t provide an explanation. What is the design inspiration? Can I know as the reader?

-Kiki Oparah

Don’t forget to contextualize what is being reviewed. Who created it, when, where, and why?

-Maria Elena Pombo

Don’t use words for words’ sake. Repetition is no fun, but throwing in adjectives to make the word seem fancy is the worst of both worlds. It’s okay to use a thesaurus, but don’t go crazy, and please make sure the dictionary is close by as well!

-Julia Scinto

I hate it when reviews are all opinion; let the reader decide!

-Becca Blasdel

I hate it when reviewers use higher vocabulary to enhance the article, rather than the content.

-Alexandra Vercruysse

I dislike when reviews do not review shows fairly, or understand a designer’s overall aesthetic. I don’t really want to hear about your personal opinion unless it has to do with the show.

-Mary Margaret Holma

I hate PR voice, especially when it comes to word usage like “a must see” or “breathtaking” Also, when reviewers name drop.

-Yvette Martinez

Time is so limited these days, so a one minute video explaining the collection with visuals is so much more amazing and will capture the audiences better than “content.”

-Gina Baldwin

I hate when reviewers use a slew of redundant adjectives: the bright white glorious light…

-Rebecca Rubin

Fashion should be fun. Even if you don’t know how to pronounce Thakoon or Yves Saint Laurent, fashion reviews should reach out to everyone.

-Lauren Sanchez