The Holographic Principle: Mary Benson + Kilo Kish Show at #NYFW

Vice and Nokia present Mary Benson NYFW event at the Hole Gallery, with performance by Kilo Kish

by Maggie Duffy, Fashion Publishing

Nokia Wall 1 Nokia Wall 2

An event combining music, art, technology and fashion kicked off New York Fashion Week on Tuesday night, when British designer Mary Benson presented her collection launch in association with Nokia. The London-based designer’s intricate holographic designs have been seen on singer Rita Ora on stage, and this was Benson’s first presentation at New York Fashion Week.

Vice put on the event at The Hole NYC’s gallery space on the Bowery to celebrate, putting up signs up warning event-goers that strobe light effects would be employed in the evening’s presentation. Benson’s stained glass designs were on the backs of the designer herself and a few chic girls mixing in the gallery. They were further accentuated by a video installation using the latest technology from the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The gallery was bare, except for the extra-large instillation screen, projecting its changing colors through the crowd. The projected installation changed and interacted with people as they moved and danced in front of the display. There were a handful of people snapping photos on their own Nokia Lumia 1520s windows phones, the large screens of the devices mimicked by a projection on another gallery wall. Twenty-three year old singer Kilo Kish gave an captivating performance while wearing a luminous Mary Benson jacket, customized to read ‘Kilo Kish’ on the back. The singer took the stage against the interactive installation to a hip tightly-packed crowd.  Amidst the ever-full NYFW schedule it is great to see an event celebrating emerging talent in fashion and music.

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