3rd Annual Heels on Wheels Bicycle Fashion Show

On Saturday, February 15th, the 4th annual Youth Bike Summit is going to be held at Parsons. Students and activists from all over the country will be coming to NYC to do community building work around cycling.
On Saturday, we are hosting an all day make-a-thon which will result in the 3rd annual Heels on Wheels Bicycle Fashion Show.

Students are being asked to participate in several different ways.
1. They can submit clothes to the show. (flawless muslins can be dyed
at make-a-thon)
2. They can join the make-a-thon and create new clothes for the show.
2 1/2. They can recycle and upcycle old toiles or clothing at the make-a-thon.
3. They can donate old clothing for deconstruction/repurposing.
4. They can audition to be a model in the show. (bicycle riding NOT required.)

Images from last year’s summit are here:

EVENT PROGRAM: http://youthbikesummit.org/youth-bike-summit-2014/program/

Anyone interested in being a part of the summit in any way or wanting more information can email Greg Climer ClimerG@newschool.edu, or Kelly Anderson andek948@newschool.edu.