AirDye & Parsons – scene 4

Written by Fashion Marketing Student Jasmin Tregonning.

When creating a marketing strategy it is important to stay true to your company’s philosophy but also update the current strategy with fresh ideas. When I met with my team, we explored repositioning Airdye using new and different mediums. This blog entry summarizes a few key ideas.

There are so many different aspects to AirDye that it became hard to narrow down the exact methodology that we would use in order to cater their sustainable fabric products to their target demographic. We wanted to market the product so that it becomes appealing to designers and retailers alike. We aimed to rejuvenate the present marketing of the product, which is highly corporate and slightly mature in feel, and utilise consumer marketing mediums such as magazines, social media and guerrilla promotions to re-orient the product towards a younger audience; an audience who has a highly evolved aesthetic and is at the forefront of trends. The focus, particularly for me, became making AirDye synonymous with fashion. Thus, we responded to the clients brief by utilising their main designer representatives for the brand, Costello Tagliapetra and Argenti to promote AirDye whether it be through runway shows, public installations, competitions, articles or editorial concepts specifically for magazines such as Vogue, W and Wallpaper. Stay tuned for more on our final presentations.

Presenting concepts to AirDye