AirDye & Parsons scene 2

The AirDye and Parsons collaboration is moving along nicely. The three winning BFA designer students were announced: Katty Hoelck, Nelson Santovenia and Jovana Mirabile. The room was brimming with excitement upon seeing the works of these highly creative designers who all had very different interpretations on how to utilize the AirDye product and maximize its benefits. Portfolios were imaginative and varied, working with themes as emotional as the transience of home, to the externalization of the internal and letterform as the basis for pattern. The meeting saw the introduction of all of the different components of the project, resulting in a tangible excitement for designers and marketers alike.

Evie Cutshaw on her designer: A designer’s inspiration can truly come from anything. I did not fully understand that until listening to their stories, seeing their mood boards and flats that it all made sense. I am thrilled to be working with Nelson. I immediately felt a connection with him because of our similar backgrounds. Nelson’s childhood was centered around sports and athletics, as was mine. I was very fortunate to have parents who allowed me to follow my dreams. Nelson has followed his dreams and love for fashion design to bring him to where he is today. I am thrilled to be working with someone that shares a similar background, and passion for and cannot wait help to share their story with the world.

Designer Nelson

Jasmin Tregonning on her designer: Katty Hoelcks works are very contemplative and respective of global issues. The moving story behind her portfolio entitled “I built my house and it burnt down” focussed on the wildfires that ravaged San Diego. Her work was very moving and inspired her to create a line of textiles and furthermore a collection of garments to pay homage to this tragic event. Her textiles incorporated emotive imagery of the night sky ablaze in a brilliant orange, as well as tree bark that is blackened and charred with ash. Her final collection was a conglomeration of all these ideas and specifically the concept of home; how we work hard to accumulate material possessions and which can be lost with one disastrous incident. She synthesized this into the creation of a set of works that played with layering of materials such as chiffons and neoprene, built in layers similar to the creation of a house. Her collection particularly struck a personal cord because of my experience with the bush fires in Melbourne, Australia back in 2010.

Laura Lopez on her designer: Our second and most important meeting we had last week were the meetings with the designers. When hearing their stories as it was with the photography students, it was an instant connection with each one of us, the marketing students. A decision had to be made and it was Jovana Mirabile, the one chosen to be my partner in this journey.  For this collection Jovana was inspired by the interaction between technology and the human mind and body. She has developed a series of prints derived from x-ray findings and human cells. The idea of exposure and looking beyond the surface has been incorporated into each piece through print, embroidery, and the garment finishing. Between Jovana’s talent and my affinity for bright colors made us the perfect partners in this great and unique project.

In the AirDye offices