Yunmeng (Claudia) Li

We’re getting ready for the runway show from our second group of MFA Fashion Design and Society students this Fashion Week. In advance, we’ll be sharing some selected looks from our student designers before the show happens on September 12. You’ll be able to watch it live online;. in the meantime, check out . . .

Claudia Li, Age 25 (New Zealand)


The starting point of my collection was my birthplace, a very small rural area by Lake Dongting in China. This collection marks both my origins, as well as the origin of the technique I developed, which I call “roving.” While I was born in a small town in China, I lived in Singapore and then New Zealand as a child, studied in Beijing and London as an undergraduate, and now live in New York. The collection is very focused on experimental pattern making, creating new shapes and new silhouettes. To me, rather than making garments, I was sculpting with fabric.

Watch the full runway show, live! Thursday, September 12, 2013.  10:00 a.m. EST

Claudia Li_002

Claudia Li_003