Vena Cava bonding at Parsons

Vena Cava 2

“You have to always work on relationships”  taken out of context, can mean anything. But from the mouths of these top designers, Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai, of Vena Cava, it means so much more.  This dynamic partnership started in S. California when they were only 17 years old. Coming to Parsons together, their friendship continued to blossom in the sewing room and straight onto their living room floor in Brooklyn, NY. It is there, upon graduation, that they designed, cut and created the Vena Cava line in September 2003.

Their hard working attitude “there is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing anything you want in New York City” coupled with a Parsons fashion design education gave them the necessary courage to go forward with the launch.

Speaking to the Dean of the School of Fashion, Simon Collins, they offered words of advice to young designers in the crowded auditorium on Seventh Avenue last evening. “Let your business grow organically, don’t push for everything at once, it might not be the best time for you even if you could get it”. Good words to heed during the current global economy.

And design cannot be the only focus, as you must have a combination of business and design in order to be successful. “Be creative in all aspects of your business, not just the fashion designing. This includes retail, business plans, production, and distribution” which are open to creative planning. The conversation left students feeling hopeful and inspired  about their own futures in fashion.  Thank you to the lovely design duo of Vena Cava.

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