Uncertainty, a BFA Fine Arts Senior Art Exhibition

What makes young art exciting is that it is the beginning. By the end of art school, and by the time an MFA is earned, an artist is legitimized – it can be trusted that the artist knows what they are doing. But by the time an artist reaches this point in life, so much has moved from the uncertain to the certain. Certainty is safe, certainty equates knowledge, but isn’t there something to be said of the beauty of not knowing what is next? The trajectory of art history itself is an illusion – it is impossible to ever be certain of it’s path. Have we forgotten that Picasso was barely in his twenties when he painted works from his Blue Period? Basquiat was just a teenager when he began tagging New York City under his graffiti pseudonym, SAMO. This raw uncertainty that is so alive in the beginning cannot be undermined.

The student exhibit embraces uncertainty. Works range from contemplating the mystery of the subconscious, releasing physical control, reflecting on vulnerability, exploring intricacies of relationships, aestheticizing wasteful byproducts of consumption, and evolving the process of making art. The exhibit will be a one night engagement on December 7 from 5-8pm in Installation Space A on the 4th floor of 25 E 13th St.