Tx Institute – New York Technology Workshops

The newest space opened in the Garment District, is exclusively dedicated to promoting advancements in technology, machinery, design software, and innovative embellishments.  The Tx Institute, which stands for “T to the x power”, launches their workshop style courses, this summer in technical training, for textile and design.

Samanta Cortes, the brains and force behind this project, has such passion for her work and it shows in the impressive, two-floor studio space on W. 39th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. With multi-head ZSK embroidery machines, students engage in technical exploration, extending what they may have learned in degreed programs or through hands-on experience.  Cortes promotes local production, and artisanal craft techniques using  incredible top-of-the-line machinery.

A full 6-month fashion incubator program is slated to begin May, 2013.  Members will receive personalized courses, workshop space to utilize for 6 months, access to explore and see designs come to life using the equipment and full marketing support for an end of program collection showcase. Applications are available on the website, and personal interviews will be arranged thorugh the Tx Institute.  Email inquires can be sent to inquiry@txinstitute.org.

Below are a few images taken in the studio: