The Wild West Meets East N. Hoolywood

by Abigail Devries, Fashion Publishing

Move over John Wayne, Daisuke Obana has arrived.

The Wild West of New York City was won last Friday as Japanese brand N. Hoolywood presented an impressive Spring/Summer 2014 collection at the historic High Line Hotel. Aptly named, Two Gun Hart, N. Hoolywood’s creative director Daisuke Obana took the audience on a fashionably progressive exploration into the Wild West.

Classic Western staples such as bolo ties, handkerchief patterns, and suede accents, played alongside unsuspecting color blocking, leather bomber jackets and chic knee length coats, creating wide-ranging appeal and wearable ensembles. Well executed detailing allowed for unique denim and leather combinations to shine, while consistently impressive tailoring elevated the fit of each piece to feel current and modern against the thematic backdrop.

Curiously longhaired models initially stood out as a strange choice, but were soon overshadowed by the quality of workmanship and design evident throughout the collection. A particularly stunning series of embossed leather accessories and bags, (plus an actual saddlebag fit for a horse), also gave the Western motif a refreshing elegance and attracted the camera phones of many familiar front-row faces.

But the most crucial player at the showcase wasn’t an editor – it was the venue itself. Sharing a passion for yester-year like only N. Hoolwood can understand, the High Line Hotel prides itself on being “not a simple homage to the past,” but rather building on “this epic, distinctly American history, guiding it directly into the heart of the contemporary city.”

Daisuke Obana couldn’t have said it better himself.