The Art of Craftsmanship – Winners

Congratulations to Akalaksna Baenchantha, Hyeyoung Kim and calligrapher craftsman Bernard Maisner {pictured below} for winning the top prize of the LVMH/Parsons contest!

As a culmination of the joint project The Art of Craftsmanship Revisited, LVMH organized a spectacular event on a gloriously warm and beautiful night. For one night Governors Island became THE playground for talent and craftsmanship and everybody enjoyed the feeling of a successful collaboration with artisanal foods and bubbly drinks.

In my opinion everybody came out a winner from this joint project. Twenty three teams brought together students from five different departments within the New School and paired them with established craftsmen to synthesizing theory with craft and produce beautiful designs and videos. It is always hard to choose one winner when talented people from different backgrounds come together and overcome their differences to create together. This one was certainly a success! Congratulations to all participants!

And to the lucky winners: We cannot wait to see what you create next!

Fiona Dieffenbacher, Simon Collins, Hyeyoung Kim, and Akalaksna Baenchantha.

Shortly after winning the first prize calligrapher Bernard Maisner took the time to create custom cards for countless guests waiting on line. That’s is dedication to the craft!

All photos by Aneta Genova

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