S+M Studios & AMO Studios: “Current Bodies.”

Last Saturday, December 10th, S+M Studios was introduced into the world of art by organizing and curating “Current Bodies,” A One Night Show on the Modern Human. S+M is an open agency dedicated to new ways of making and showing photography. S+M stands for Sean Sullivan and Matt Shrier, both extremely talented third year photography students at Parsons. S+M held the show at AMO Studios, an exhibition/gallery, reception, event, performance, and concert space. AMO is a collective of 7 emerging artists and photographers dedicated to exploring the possibilities of a multi-purpose space -headed by Parsons students, Brooke Taylor, Daniela Lloveras, Ana Maria Bezanilla, Cong Huynh, Laura Roman, Tessa Lloyd, and Ashley Sebok. AMO has gained the attention from magazines such as Vice and Paper.

Sponsored by Alacran Tequila and Societe Perrier, Saturday’s show featured the works of many well-known and talented artists working in Oregon, Illinois, and New York including: Abbey Drucker, Bobby Davidson, Matt Erickson, Peggy Gertner, Aviva Klein, Chris Leung, Kaz Senju, Nicholas Strini, Tina Tyrell, Ivy Noelle Weir, and Jessica Yatrofski.

S+M Studios is always looking for new artist’s portfolios to show and promote, so check them out! Stay posted on future happenings with both S+M Studios and AMO Studios by clicking on their websites, and following them on twitter.

L to R: Sean Sullivan & Matt Shrier (S+M Studios), Tessa Lloyd (AMO Studios Co-owner)

Matt Shrier with photographer, Abbey Drucker