Sidewalk Catwalk

Parsons students Niyati Karwat and Emily Saunders proudly stand by their winning mannequin for the Sidewalk Catwalk public art event which celebrates the fashion district – home of American fashion in New York City and the design talent who have made it one of New York City’s great neighborhoods.

Niyati and Emily with Fern Mallis and Rick Darling. The mannequin was created with Timo Rissanen overseeing the project. There are seeds of moss planted within the “skirt” of the mannequin which will grow throughout the summer.

Emily explains the sustainability concept of the mannequin to Rick Darling

The one of a kind mannequins can be found on Broadway from Times Square to Herald Square (map).

You can see the 30 mannequins from June 24 to September 3. Learn more about the event at the official website:

All photos by Fiona Dieffenbacher