Shapeways 3D Printing Creation Meetup!

Designs printed by Shapeways

Printing a digital file isn’t relegated to 2D, a static image or design on paper with the introduction of 3D printers; designers and creators have the ability to ‘print’ designs in 3D.

Using an additive method where successive layers are laid on top of each other creating the object, 3D printers give designers the ability to rapidly prototype. This technology offers pathways not found in traditional manufacturing breaking free of model making and creating one-off ideas or made to order production.

Materials have grown past the early stages of printing plastics and now have evolved into printing silver, glass and ceramic! And now designers are pushing the 3D printing boundaries of scale, refinement or even a printed bikini.

With Parsons digital faculty, Christopher Musci, Geoffry Gertz and myself, we recently hosted a Digital Design Therapy Meetup inviting global creative design community and 3D printer, Shapeways, to inspire and educate the group. Shapeways Community Manager Ana Hevesi and Product Designer Mary Huang assembled a richly diverse program demonstrating the theory and process along with their guests.

Designers John and Lana Briscella of AMINIMAL and Brandt Graves and Carrie McKnelly of thefuturefuture presented their concepts and designs ranging from interior installations and newly created fashion accessory collections all crafted through 3D printing.

The afternoon session concluded with a lively Q&A where the design panel fielded questions and presented solutions along with an abundance of fabulous designs printed by Shapeways.

Want to begin creating with Shapeways? This is a great place to start!

Shapeways Community Manager Ana Hevesi presenting the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

Shapeways Product Designer Mary Huang demonstrating 3D printing techniques.

Designers, John and Lana Briscella of AMINIMAL Studio discussing their 3D printed jewelery.

Designers Brandt Graves and Carrie McKnelly of thefuturefuture sharing their 3D printed accessory collection.

Q&A at the Shapeways Digital Design Therapy Meetup (from left to right) Mary Huang, Ana Hevesi, Lana Briscella, John Briscella, Carrie McKnelly and Brandt Graves.

Parsons faculty and students examing the Shapeways 3D printed designs.

The 3D printed Field Test collection by AMINIMAL.

The 3D printed Composite Necklace by thefuturefuture.