Senior Fashion Student Mentoring

We are very excited to announce the development of the FASHION SCHOOL MENTORING program this year!

We are looking for Seniors to participate as mentors. As Seniors, we know the ropes around the Garment District, we have successfully passed the grueling Sophomore and Junior years in the fashion program, and now we can use our knowledge and expertise to help inspire under class students.

Some of you may remember having seniors come visit your class last year to speak with you about their experiences and answer questions about what was coming for you in the year ahead. This year you can be that influential senior and make an impact on the underclass students!

We know you are extremely busy preparing for thesis, therefore the mentorship program has been created to be a very minimal time commitment, yet will give you the opportunity to build community within the School of Fashion, develop new relationships, and inspire underclass students.

Sign up to become a mentor is still open! Sign up sheets and informational handouts are available in the Fashion School office, 501 of 560 Seventh ave. as well as outside the Advising Office on the bulletin board in the 232 building (12th floor).

If you have any questions feel free to direct all emails regarding the mentor program to

Stay tuned for coverage on the upcoming Fashion School Mentor events!