Research Procedures/Methodology for Artists and Designers


While the traditions of scholarly research have been employed by the Sciences and Social Sciences for nearly 100 years,  research in Art and Design is a relatively new endeavor.  The lack of appropriately developed methodologies in Art and Design has often led researchers in these creative areas to adopt those that have been pre-established.  This is particularly cogent since, as one might say, a piece of research is only as good as its methodology.

But what if these pre-established methodologies don’t best suit design research?  How can we, as designers and design educators, develop our own frameworks for scholarly research?  What are the shared commonalities between Social Science and Art and Design research?  What unique methodologies can be created in order to build and support design research?

 This paper puts into context the issues which surround researchers in Art and Design, in particular the philosophy and context of research methodologies.

Now we want to hear from you.  In your own research, what methodologies do you incorporate?  Which methods used in Social Science research are relevant/irrelevant to your work, and why?  Please share your thoughts below.