Rag & Bone Internships

Rag & Bone is currently recruiting students for their internship program. They are looking for interns to help out in a variety of departments such as Design, Sales, Product Development, eCommerce, Production and Wholesale Merchandising. All internships are very hands-on providing students with valuable practical experience in the field. Depending on the interests of the students, students may be placed into a more general role where they’d gravitate across departments or take on a more defined role and be dedicated to a specific department such as Design. As  an example of the types of responsibilities that may be assigned to interns,  see rag & bone’s internship descriptions on stylecareers.com.

They are looking for interns to start immediately, but also offer internships in the Spring and Summer sessions. The duration of internships is typically 3 months, with students ideally helping out 2-3days a week. The internships are unpaid, and can be credit or non-credit.

For those students interested, please instruct them to send your resume and cover letter (and if available, pdf work samples for Design) to jobs@rag-bone.com and reference the internship of choice in the subject line, e.g. “Design Internship”.

All students are asked to indicate when they’re able to start, the days they’re available to intern, and department(s) they’d be interested in spending more time in. Also, students should indicate if they are applying for Winter, Spring, or Summer sessions.