Project Linus: Past and Present

Project Linus is an organization that provides hand made blankets for children in need. This includes children who have illnesses, experienced trauma, or been abused. As an organization, their goal is to provide security to these children through the protection, warmth, and comfort of a blanket.
The club, Fashion & Mentoring, got together in May to recycle our leftover fabrics into beautiful, new blankets for Project Linus. We met in the studio at Parsons, kicked on some upbeat tunes, and tapped our toes as we sewed. Friends, moms, daughters, and boyfriends joined us as we worked together on our colorful, comfy blankets. The blanket-making event was an enjoyable day of sewing with friends and supporting a worthy cause. I hope future classes at Parsons continue to support this organization!

— Mary Beth Bachand, BFA 2012

Click on the images of Mary Beth Bachand's quilt to see others from this year's Project Linus!

Click on the images of Mary Beth Bachand's quilt to see others from this year's Project Linus!

Because we are constantly making samples, draping, cutting etc., there is a lot of fabric that goes to waste. ¬†When I was working on my final collection, I realized just how much fabric I had collected over the years because simply because I didn’t want to throw it out. Unlike in the case with paper, there are no ‘fabric recycling bins’. I always feel so guilty just throwing fabric away, so I began stuffing it in my locker for use later on (which of course never happened)!
I was inspired by Timo and his Zero Waste process, so I started to research ways we could ‘recycle’ unwanted fabric and scraps. I came across Project Linus and it was a perfect fit.
This project has been a great way for Parsons to build community, recycle fabric and help a great cause!

— Jovana Mirabile, BFA 2012

Click on Jovana's quilt to see more from Project Linus 2011!

To learn more about Project Linus, please visit their website: