Profs running 3D printing workshop

Join three Parsons faculty members, Maura Jurgrau, Geoffrey Goertz and Christopher Musci as they lead a 3D printing workshop.

Saturday, September 10th
1pm – 4pm,  $5
The Center, 208 W. 13th Street
Click on The Center to learn more about this valuable workshop.

As digital surface printing has revolutionized the textile design industry breaking free of regimented repeats and production yardages, 3D printing is shaking up existing production standards in all disciplines for designers offering unique one-offs and made-to-order pathways.

Shapeways is a global creative design community and printer that supports the 3D printing process from concept to finished printed object.  The Shapeways blog, forums, tutorials, marketplace and web based software, supports new users to go from idea to market!

We’ve invited Shapeways Community Manager Ana Hevesi and Shapeways Product Designer Mary Huang to share their expertise and for a complete 2D to 3D overview.  This is the perfect hands-on conversation for all designers and enthusiasts to learn about 3D printing and the Shapeways community.