Parsons & Threadless Design Challenge 2014

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Written by: Maura Jurgrau, Assistant Professor Fashion Design / Coordinator, BFA Junior Visual Communication

Parsons and Threadless, the leading online community of artists and an e-commerce website, teamed up this semester to embark on a design challenge.

BFA juniors from the School of Fashion explored the tee shirt as a “universal meme”. They focused on Surface Design and tee shirt graphics, while learning a wide range of techniques, and learning about commercial printing from the folks at Threadless.

There were 230 student submissions and three top winners were selected to receive scholarships from Threadless. After all votes were in, selections were based upon designs that were determined to have commercial value, and which would be successful with their various retailers, with consideration given to authentic scores and adherence to the challenge theme.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!

 1st place: Renee Pabon
 2nd place: Michael Jafine
3rd place: Anmol Vaswani

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