Parsons says: Fund your Project with KickStarter

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.  Parsons has created a program page, to support any student, alumni or faculty creative project who choose to utilize Kickstarter for their funding opportunities.

How do you start a Kickstarter project and get featured on the Parsons page? Simply create your Kickstarter funding project, you must adhere to the guidelines presented by Kickstarter first and foremost.

Once you have been successfully accepted, send an email directly to the Communications Department at Parsons, and your project will be highlighted on our program page. Email your project information and link to:   Your project will be listed on the Parsons page.

Then, send out the link!  Send to your own networks, and ours in the School of Fashion, your faculty, mentors, classmates, and we will help push the awareness for your project.  Preview the current funding projects on the Parsons page linked here. Best of luck on your creative projects!