Parsons + petitePARADE

petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2014 - Day 1

photo: Ashley Chang, Danielle Molina, Hyun Joo Lee (Getty Images)

By Francesca Sammaritano | Assistant Professor of Fashion
Parsons The New School For Design

Although petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week is now in its seventh edition of bi-annual runway shows, here at Parsons we are celebrating our third year’s collaboration.  On October 18th, 2014 some of our most recent Parsons graduates, specializing in Children’s wear debuted their collections on the runway at Kids Fashion Week at Bath House Studios in New York City.  Including Parsons to the roster of famous children’s wear brands was an idea introduced by Tiziana Indelicato and her two partners, who began the development of petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week.

Cory Paglinco

Children’s Wear Designs: Cory Paglinco | photo: Lee Clower

In May 2012 after attending Parsons Annual Benefit Fashion Show the founders were impressed by the amount of talent represented by the children’s wear collections that traditionally open the show. They immediately reached out to me, and we began working on showcasing a variety of children’s wear designers on the petitePARADE runway, all recent graduates and all former students of the children’s wear sections.  Created to legitimize Children’s Fashion, petitePARADE is a bi-annual Runway Experience that generates excitement at industry and consumer levels and introduces an alternative branded platform for products from toddlers to teens.


Children’s Wear Designs: Ashley Chang | photo: Lee Clower

September 10th, 2010 marked the first-ever petitePARADE//Kids Fashion Week – a runway showcase created exclusively for the children’s market. An exciting event for an invitation-only audience of media, buyers, mini-fashion mavens and celeb-u-tots. Since then, over 100 designers have shown their collections at petitePARADE and have gained the attention of global press and industry experts.’  This year, six Parsons Children’s Wear graduates were amongst the selected designers to show their collections during Kids Fashion Week:  Ashley Chang | Erica Kim | Hyun Joo Lee | Seul Lee | Danielle Molina | Cory Paglinco

Danielle Molina

Children’s Wear Designs: Daniella Molina | photo: Lee Clower

Seul Lee_sm

Children’s Wear Designs: Seul Lee | photo: Lee Clower

Hyun Joo Lee_sm

Children’s Wear Designs: Hyun Joo Lee | photo: Lee Clower

Erica Kim_sm

Children’s Wear Designs: Erica Kim | photo: Lee Clower

We wish to thank everyone at petitePARADE, including John James Muller and look forward to many more years of collaboration!

Hyun Joo Lee, Danielle Molina, Ashley Chang, Cory Paglinco, Francesca Sammaritano

Backstage: Hyun Joo Lee, Danielle Molina, Ashley Chang, Cory Paglinco, Francesca-Sammaritano

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