Parsons Fashion on the Big Screen

This summer, on the big screen, the Parsons 2011 Spring graduating Fashion Benefit fashion show will be playing outdoors on The Big Screen.

Located between 29th to 30th Streets at 6th Avenue, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Big Screen Plaza‘s 30 x 16 ft. HD-format LED screen is a new nexus of the city’s cultural life.

Established in 2010, the 10,000-square foot outdoor multimedia venue hosts major events and screenings of an eclectic mix, ranging from cinema to sports, from arts to fashion.

The Benefit is on schedule for the following summer days and times. Be sure to stop by to see the fashion show.

June 19 — 7-9PM
June 22 — 12-2PM
June 24 — 4-6PM
June 29 — 10-12PM