#NYFW: FTL Moda and Art Hearts Foundation

by Katie DeAngelis


IMG_1126From bright hues on silky dresses to dark coats that fully covered male models figures, the FTL Moda and Art Hearts Foundation, two organizations featuring international designers, put together a fashion show that showcased a wide variety of garments to help close Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past Thursday. The question that is resonates with the show is just this; was all the clothing featured at this show really New York Fashion Week worthy?

Even with the bold (and attention grabbing) colorful, lacy dresses that strutted down the runway, onlookers couldn’t help but seem uninterested in the presentation. While the front row sat poised and interested, the press photographers sat back and checked their phones and watches, as if waiting for the show to end. One anonymous fashion week goer, who not to mention was sitting front row of the show, ran out of the venue half way through one collection. He was quoted saying; “Those designs make me feel like I could be a designer.” Multiple other audience members snuck out of the show many collections before the show was scheduled to end as well… yikes!

IMG_1125FTL Moda has been partnering with Art Hearts Foundation since 2007 to create “meaningful” and “artistic” fashion events, as said on the FTL Moda website. Celebrating the trends found in European styles, the fashion associations took turns showing their collections down the runway in this hour-long runway special. Italy’s rising stars, Kokler and Silkskin, opened the show with ready to wear collections, while haute couture designer, Nino Lettieri, helped close the entire show with her refined beaded gown collection.

The venue was all black, with each designers’ logos projected on a back white screen. Flashing lights and a loud start of the music, the show started. The clothes echoed the minimalistic feel of the venue. An all black collection paraded down the runway to start the show, while a colorful collections followed, with a splash on menswear in between. The top garments to raise the most buzz were the grunge menswear. One model appeared in a holographic silver hooded jacket, while another was covered in a black cloak while sporting a white mask. The unexpected change in style was a necessary change to the repetitive evening gowns that were being shown.

When comparing to the other New York Fashion Week collections that appeared earlier in the week, FTL Moda and Art Hearts Foundation lacked in staying on trend. Some collections had bright evening gowns that appeared to be made out of a cheap satin material, while other collections featured plain leggings as a substitute for pants.

Disappointed may be the word, but expected; somewhat. The fashion week that has been being held at Lincoln Center for years is starting to become less and less popular, but factories and hidden galleries in Brooklyn are starting to be the rise.  FTL Moda and Art Hearts Foundation closed fashion week at Lincoln Center with a feeling of uninspiring disappointment. Is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coming to an end of its glamorous popularity?

Aids Healthcare Foundation sponsored the event. For press footage, visit http://www.mbfashionweek.com, or the FTL Moda website.