NOMI Network x Parsons: Design Competition Brief

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Nomi Network’s mission is to create economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking by equipping them with skills to produce stylish and functional goods for the global marketplace. Nomi has been successful in elevating recycled material into sleek and versatile bags and accessories and would like to continue building upon this success with fresh product development ideas.

The Challenge:

Using the recycled polyethylene material (rice paper bag) provided, design a 3-item capsule collection of new products that fits with Nomi’s current line and helps push it forward. Clean and sleek design, functionality, and versatility are important elements. Tech accessories, everyday lifestyle items, and functional totes and bags are good starting points for your design direction. The target customers are Millennials (men and women) who are socially-conscious consumers. The target market price for one item is $15-$75, depending on its size, details, and functionality.

For more references on design aesthetics, NOMI’s existing products, and the actual physical properties of the rice paper bag material (weight, texture, etc.), please visit Fashion External Project Office at 560 Seventh Ave, Room 508.

One hard copy with size either 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17” and a digital file to be email :


  • Designers will present their 3-item capsule collection with flat drawings detailing product specifications (show front, back, and any other angles needed to display functionality)

  • Keep in mind:

    • Main materials for the product will be the recycled polyethylene material (rice paper bag) but designers are not limited with that material only. Designers can still incorporate other materials and trimmings/hardwares, but need to be aware of the limited accessibility and cost of those additional materials

    • Construction of the design needs to be also considered. The winning design will be produced and sold at certain price range, so it has to be marketable, reproduced, and desirable. That’s a challenge!

Deadline and Winner:

Please submit your entries by Friday, December 6th at 560 Seventh Ave, Room 508. Please label each hard copy submission with both your name, or partners’ names (for teams). Nomi Network will choose one winning team and two finalist teams.

All 3 will be featured on Nomi’s website. The winning team will have the opportunity to participate in the design development and marketing processes to see their ideas come to life. Designers will truly be able to take part in socially conscious creative and retail/marketing processes.
Finalists will be announced by the end of the semester and have the opportunity to join a one-day workshop with place and all resources provided to create the sample.