Ms. Sarah’s Musical, Fashionable Neighborhood

by Lauren Sanchez

photo courtesy of Sarah Slutsky

Fashion + Music + New York City= a genius new fashion blog formula. Look/Hear , created this past June by Vogue Fashion Assistant, Sarah Slutsky, is a new spin on the fashion blog. Sarah provides her viewers with profiles of fashionable strangers. But the extra treat? Hearing snippets of music that her subjects were blasting from their headphones the moment they met her.

So how did her creation of this formula come about? “I was sitting on the subway wondering what music people were listening to in their headphones, then it dawned on me.” Coming from a musically inclined family she spotted a natural connection between the places we live, the clothes we wear, and the music we listen to. Aside from the pedestrians, the cityʼs streets are the main ingredients of her masterful concoction.
“New York has such unique neighborhoods, each with their own character and sense of style.” Her own neighborhood is no exception. “The Lower East Side has influenced me to be grunge along with the classic tweaks of French fashion I love; chic femme with more of a downtown feel.”
When I asked her about music she didnʼt hesitate to fill me in. “Indie Alternative; music typically off the beaten path.” Her “all-time favorites” are The Kills. She includes songs from their newest album, Blood Pressures, on her site for your ears to enjoy.  See (and listen) for yourself and get inspired!