LF USA Recruitment Visit


Dear Students and Faculty

Please join us on Friday November 8th in the 2nd Floor Auditorium from 2:50- 3:50. Senior design members as well as members from LF USA recruitment will be visiting The School of Fashion to share their vision and immense commitment to Parsons as well as provide valuable info about the scholarship process. In addition, they’ll also speak about career opportunities with LF USA.

In the 2012- 2013 Academic year, LF USA provided more than $120,000 in scholarship support to students within The School of Fashion. Additionally, the global design organization actively engages with the University with presence on a number of advisory, academic, and governance based committees. They are deeply vested in providing continued scholarship support for the upcoming 2013-2014 year as well as actively recruiting for internships and positions within various divisions. In short, they believe in fashion, in you and in supporting your future.

Hope to see you there