Gianfranco Ferre I Am Architect Workshop

Gianfranco Ferré was a fashion designer, with particular skill and aptitude for illustration. He trained to be an architect at the beginning of his career, in Milan, Italy. He is known as the “architect of fashion” as his unique design methodology is rooted from his studies in architecture, at the Politecnico University in Milan.  A career which spanned well over 30 years, his influences in fashion illlustration are explained in the book Gianfranco Ferré Drawings (2011).

The Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré was established in February 2008, primarily with the aim of preserving, organizing and making available to the public, in digital archive form , the patrimony of materials that documented the designer’s professional activity. An impressively massive archive of photographs, sketches, films, press and the designers own professional talks, lectures and notes is managed by the Fondazione.  The Fondazione puts particular focus on educational projects for young people, in a continuative and well articulated connection to international institutions with solid fashion programs.

When Parsons faculty connected with the Foundation in Italy over one year ago, we were thrilled to collaborate on an illustration workshop back in NYC. Produced by our notable fashion illustration faculty Tamara Albu, Jonathan Kyle Farmer, and Richard Rosenfeld,  along with Neil Gilks, Senior Projects Manager, CFDA, 30 fashion students spent an entire sunny Saturday afternoon in a creative haze in our fashion classrooms. During the workshop, direct references to Ferre’s global style for fashion along with his skill in illustration.

The advantage of working with a variety of faculty throughout the day, meant students learned new drawing techniques and approaches to looking at the body and also structure. Students expressed  “It was so fresh and different…” and “It was so much fun! I learned a lot of different styles and drawing.” and “Thank you for giving us this opportunity.”

In addition to the amazing learning experience, the top two pieces produced this day, were selected. Two students receive a $1000 and $500 scholarship, respectively, from the Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré.

First place goes to WENQI WU with feedback from the jurors at the Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré:

“Through a a personal and particular expressive attitude, the student could immediately suggest the silhouette as well as the shapes of the dress, not far away at all of Ferre’s own skill for illustration.”

Second place goes to AMINAH AHMED, with feedback from the jurors:

“With light and sure hand, thanks to few lines and touches, the student could express the soul of the dress”

The winning students submissions are in the gallery below:

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The student work and snapshots below, taken during the daylong workshop were shot by Viktorija Juodenaite. Which are your favorites?

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