A Force of Nature: Parsons designer Katharine Kmiecik

By Russell Howe, Fashion Publishing alum


Azure: the color of the unknown, yet iridescent water of the ocean. Designer Katharine Kmiecik says, “I was inspired by the hesitation and mysticism that comes from our perception of the ocean. By bridging a fear of the ocean with the magic that it inspires in our minds, I crafted a collection that is both beautiful and meaningful.” Katharine is certainly right, even scientists know very little about what lies beneath the ocean deep, and from what we have mapped out there is certainly a theme for the uncharted. The 15-piece collection was handcrafted with a gloss seal that made each piece reflective to light. Hand molding the leather on each accessory helped create a beautiful, serpentine texture to each piece. “Light gliding across the ocean waves inspired the brilliant leather coating used to seal in the dye and create an illustrious finish.”

The designer said the collection was completed during a three-month period, working consistently around the clock. Katharine Kmiecik was born in Houston, TX, and educated in fashion design at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. Katharine currently resides in Manhattan designing handbags, jewelry, and footwear. In May 2013, she was awarded the Reed Krakoff Coach Accessory Design scholarship for her academic achievements designing fashion accessories at Parsons. She has designed one-of a-kind pieces for One King’s Lane and New York designer Rachel Ruddick. If she’s  proven anything about her time spent in New York, it’s that there are many more surprises in store from the emerging designer!