Film Festival: Architecture & Design

Firstly, I find it incredible that there is so much interest in Architecture and Design films, they have their own film festival. I mean, living in New York can be pretty spectacular.  Secondly, one of the films being screened, is of particular interest as it features fashion designers and Parsons School of Fashion alumni, Alexa Adams and Flora Gill of Ohne Titel.

From Nothing, Something profiles creative thinkers across a variety of disciplines – architect, fashion designers, artist, novelist, songwriter, celebrity chefs, Hollywood creature designer, prodigy/composer, scientists, editorial cartoonist, choreographer, video game designer – and finds common techniques, habits and neuroses that lead to breakthrough ideas.

This is a thoughtful, intimate, often funny look at the creative process – straight from the brains of some of culture’s most unique and accomplished talents.

Watch the Film Trailer here, and learn about the design process many of us experience daily. A listing of the NY Films is clickable here.

Architecture & Design Film Festival

Tribeca Cinema
54 Varick St. NY
Discounted Student Tickets $8 with ID
Purchase tickets online to ensure a space

SCREENING of From Nothing, Something
Friday 10/19  5pm
Saturday 10/20 5:15pm