Fashion’s Next Act: Trend Union Forecasts for Autumn/Winter 2014-2015

by Stephanie Kraeutler, Fashion Publishing

Emmanuelle Linard of Edelkoort Inc.

Emmanuelle Linard of Edelkoort Inc.

If you’ve never attended a Trend Union, you’re missing out on an exceptional experience.  This past Wednesday, Emmanuelle Linard, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the U.S. branch of Eldekoort Inc., wowed an audience of students and professors with her presentation.  Naturally, fashion students are drawn to the wealth of information about upcoming trends.  However, the “show” is an auditory and visual feast that appeals to varied disciplines (photography, graphic design, musicians…).  Students are honored to witness this event twice a year.  (Thank you Parsons!)  Eldekoort Inc. presents their audiovisual to industry insiders around the world.  They cull cutting edge styles and fashion-forward colors that will surface in designs, months and years down the road.

This Trend Union focused on Autumn/Winter 2014-2015, and was entitled “Bold, Fashion’s Plan B.” Emmanuelle Linard opened by explaining, “Whether the economy is good or not, it’s still a crisis year.”  While designers tried to do their best in reaction to the worldwide collapse of the economy, consumers are now bored.  Creativity is paramount.  “How much of the same can you buy for your wardrobe?” Linard asked.

The presentation was divided into sub-sections, all beginning with “B.”  Linard started with Bold, Baby, and Bare.  Color concepts formed the next categories of Blush, Blood, Burgundy, Brick, and Bland.  Blood comes from our dark obsessions over vampires and creepiness, and a range of red from liquid to dry will translate seamlessly into the beauty market.  But, don’t limit your thoughts solely to shades or tints.  The headings also conjured deeper ideas of shape, texture, yarn, and pattern. Next, Bulbous, Battled, Bad, and Bundle offered a dramatic shift in silhouette, along with material.  Battled was represented by armor and metallic, but also military green and navy.  Bonkers and Blotched inspired images of craziness and random artistic strokes.  Meanwhile, Bright and Balloon harkened back to a child’s birthday party or a candy store.  Linard completed with the uplifting concept of Bonbon:  “We’ll leave behind the gloom and doom.”  Bonbon is a new “disco moment of metallics, fun…bars and dancing.”  Aren’t we all ready for this?!

Throughout Linard’s presentation, audience members nodded with understanding.  Somehow, Trend Union always resonates and you understand where we are and why we’re headed in the direction of the forecast.  Eldekoort Inc. uncovers the hidden messages around us.  Their team illuminates the pulse of humanity through color, shape, style, and design, resulting in an eye-opening production.  During the Q and A, students asked how to incorporate all of the proposed facets of fashion into their lives and their work.  Linard queried back, “Who are you, really?”  You get to choose.  A new age is coming, the Age of Expression.  Which “B” will you be?