Fashion Narrative – a new studio elective


Fashion is an integral part of life ­– a reflection of the social mood and context. In our new class, “The Fashion Narrative” students explore the narrative of fashion, from a historical, literary, fantastical and emotional perspective. A narrative gives form and life to the object and we are excited from our first Fall 2012 section coursework results shown below.

 It is about story telling for fashion designers, how the story is created, what it conveys, and how it is conveyed. It creates an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with traditional and experimental ways that story telling might be anchored to create personal stories, to generate individual points of view and character developments.  Through the lens of drama, film, photography, classics, personal heritage, fantasy and the literary we will study the different interpretations of the narrative within the field of fashion.

Let us know what you think of the student work below: