Fashion Innovations in 3D Printing

Wednesday, February 27 at 6:30pm – Eyebeam Art & Technology Center – 540 W 21st St.
$10 | Tickets available online
Presentations followed by reception

As part of the Computational Fashion program series, Eyebeam presents an exciting event featuring designers  and producers using cutting edge 3D printing techniques to push the boundaries of fashion. From the runway to the DIY hackerspace, 3D printing and rapid prototyping have become an increasingly popular and accessible way to produce objects that are both highly complex and easily replicable.

Join us as our featured presenters discuss and demo their work, highlighting unique collaborations taking place in NYC between fashion designers, technologists, and manufacturers.

Joris Debo, Creative Director (.MGX by Materialise)
Duann Scott, Designer Evangelist (Shapeways)
Bradley Rothenberg, architect and Gabi Asfour, designer (threeASFOUR)
Alexandra Samuel, Dan Selden, and Ross Leonardy (Crowd Control)

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