Desenzano: Where Nature and Luxury Walk Together

by Gabriela Rebolledo, Fashion Publishing

desenzano 4Italy is the perfect destination for enjoying good food, fashion, history and beautiful landscapes. We always hear about the famous places like Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milano, but on Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to discover a place called Desenzano, a town in the Province of Brescia, which borders the beautiful Lake Garda.


When you are on the way to the place, I recommend you  stop the car and enjoy the beautiful view of Garda, the largest lake of Italy. Then, when you arrive in Desenzano, the place has a beautiful view of the Alps from the southern shore of the Lake and three large beaches known as Desanzanino Beach, Spiagga d’Oro and Porto Rivoltella Beach. You can see boats everywhere, and a pier where you can walk and enjoy the nature. From friends that just want to sit there and chat to the loveliest couples, everyone can enjoy the view. Photographers will want to pull out  their cameras to capture every corner of the place.

I went to a restaurant called Trattoria Alessi where I ordered an excellent Italian red wine called Negresco and a platter of a great selection of cheese; then a tortellini with mushrooms and lamb made my day!

Italians can’t leave fashion aside, so you also are able to find a lot of shops where you can stop by and buy a beautiful pair of boots or the perfect fur coat for this time of the year.

The day couldn’t finish without some history, so I went to the Archeological Museum that shows pieces of a villa from the IV century that was property of the Roman Imperator’s brother and the archives said that his name was probably Decentianus and that’s the origin of the name of the place.

desenzano 10

I had the chance to enjoy Desenzano for only 8 hours, but it was incredible. I highly recommend the readers to visit the place if you have the opportunity to travel to Italy. This place reinforced my love for this country.