Dear Runway Reviewers, We love… xoxo, Fashion Publishing

With the Paris shows in full swing, today Fashion Publishing had a heated discussion about the Do’s and Don’ts of runway reviews. Here’s what we collectively love… stay tuned for what we hate…

I like to read info about the house’s background, or latest news in a fashion show review, because it explains a lot about the collection.¬†An example of this is Claire Wright Keller taking over Hannah MacGibbon as creative director at Chloe this season.

-Laura Gallon

I love hearing the writer’s voice. The more personable a review is, the more I believe it.

-Lauren Sanchez

I like knowing that the reviewer was there (fashion show/ presentation) and knows what they’re talking about.

-Kiki Oparah

I love when reviewers are descriptive yet concise.

-Rebecca Rubin

Be knowledgable about what the designer has done in the past so that you can better write about what you see now.

-Gina Baldwin

I enjoy when a review takes a general look at the whole show, but then focuses on one or two standout aspects about it, such as the accessories, makeup, or a standout garment.

-Yvette Martinez

I want a balanced and fair review that gives a good overview of the designers thought process and mood.

-Mary Holma

I love it when I can hear a writer’s voice in my head. I enjoy when there’s personality in the review.

-Sarah Jones

I love it when reviewers focus on a specific element at a fashion show, such as the music.

-A.J. Jimenez

I love it when a reviewer pinpoints a specific theme of a collection, for example, identifying a continual trait such as a common neckline or hemline.

-Alexandra Vercruysse

I love when reviewers use evocative descriptions of the entire mood of the show, including multiple perspectives of other attendees.

-Becca Blasdel

A good review doesn’t have to have a bad attitude. If you like something, say so! Positive enthusiasm is contagious.

-Julia Scinto

Be honest about your knowledge. It’s okay to not be an expert, just don’t fake it.

-Maria Elena Pombo