Cuaderno 48: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Fashion System

Parsons and The University of Palermo (UP) in Buenos Aires, Argentina recently created an academic journal devoted to issues surrounding fashion education.

The project, led by Steven Faerm, Editor (SoF), engaged approximately five writers from each school who were asked to submit articles that related to fashion, yet were contextualized by each author’s disciplinary “lens” to underscore the interdisciplinary nature of fashion.

The Parsons papers range in topics from the teaching of fashion studies (Downing-Peters, ADHT), the transitional experiences of fashion design graduates (Faerm,SoF), the importance of craft in design (Wax, AMT), the considerations for building a small-scale fashion brand (Fry, Faerm, and Arakji, SDS), and how environment and fashion are intertwined (Kirkbride, SCE).  This inaugural issue was presented at UP’s annual design education conference in July 2013 that draws over 5,500 attendees and 300 institutions from all over the world with great success; an unprecedented second printing was required due to high demand.

To view the full journal, please click here; the Parsons articles begin on page 107.

The second journal will be presented this July and features the work of Parsons colleagues Aaron Fry, Robert Kirkbride, Steven Faerm, Jeffrey Lieber, Gretchen Harnick, and David Carroll.