Cuarderno 2016:

Emerging Processes in Design Practice and Design Education

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  1. Something that is bought and sold
  2. Something or someone that is useful or valued
  3. One that is subject to ready exchange or exploitation within a market

VALUE (noun)

  1. The amount of money that something is worth; the price or cost of something
  2. Something that can be bought for a low or fair price
  3. Relative worth, utility, and importance
  4. Usefulness or importance, as in belief or principle

Our design world’s professional and academic sectors are undergoing seismic changes. These changes are redefining how we relate to design, the ways systems are imagined and conceived, and the types of positive change we wish to engender. Our past values, the ways these have evolved into contemporary cultures, and how we can successfully scaffold our future elicit key questions in and around what the new commodities, and the values that accrue to them, will be.

For its third publication, Cuaderno, a collaborative journal between Parsons School of Design and The University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, invites authors to submit abstracts for papers that address the shifting values and status of commodities within design, industry, and/or design education. What new forms of commodity and attendant value will emerge in the future? How can we prepare for this? Submissions may focus on a specific area of art/design industry or education, or may be broader in scope. Topics include (but are not limited to):


Please send abstracts (as a word document) to both Steven Faerm and Aaron Fry by November 20, 2015. ( ;