Bone to Brain Exhibition by Nicki Muller (BFA Fine Arts Student)

Nicki Muller is a junior in the Parsons BFA Fine Arts Program and Lang (Dual degree).  She had an art opening on Wednesday November 9th, at MSB Gallery – NYU Langone Medical Center – 550 First Avenue in the Medical Science Building, 1st fl. Her work will be up for the rest of the month. She’s interested in the lines between human conscious and subconscious thought and relies heavily on her instincts to produce her work. Of late her art has become about the connections between her first battle with bone cancer at 13, and her current battle with brain cancer at 20. This journey from Bone to Brain, medically and artistically has been utterly trans-formative for her. She’s talented, incredibly courageous with a unique perspective, a true a role model for everyone. Students and faculty are urged to see her work. Visit for more information.