AirDye & Parsons, Scene 5

This is the final post in our series, written by Fashion Marketing students enrolled in the special topics course.

Introducing Laura Lopez

December 15th, 3:30 pm finally came, the time for Fashion Marketing students working all semester on the AirDye project to take a stand in the spotlight. The palpable sense of nervousness combined with confidence in our projects as we presented each of our three projects to our Professor Tom Handley, representatives from the fashion School, Alice Demirjian, Fiona Dieffenbacher and Gretchen Harnick and most importantly the AirDye team of Paul Raybin, Bonnie Julian and Robin Bertelsen (via skype).

Each one of us started our presentations with a video, and you can view mine at the link here. The creation of a video for me was the most fun yet challenging part of the project.  “Every Color Can Be Green” came from my team’ affinity with appreciating and using color while taking 3 different perspectives (marketing, photography and design) to create one clear communication message.

As this is my last semester at Parson’s, this project was a conclusion to my time spent as a student, combined with a real life experience. I got to meet fellow students from other programs such as Fashion Design and Photography, that in other circumstances I would not have met. I’m looking forward to see Jovana’s final designs and how AirDye will change this industry using our ideas to reach more customers.


Introducing Jasmin Tregonning

The final marketing projects presented a semesters’ worth of arduous work surmised within a few hours. The themes of the works were diverse and inspired by all the different facets of the AirDye product. I focused on moving the AirDye company’s present marketing away from the corporate oriented image which it presents presently and imbuing it with a more fashionable element. My concept revolved around creating a combination of guerrilla marketing as well as social media campaigns in order to create a “buzz”. We wanted to invent marketing which is youthful, creative and which connects the AirDye product to the high end / luxury market. Our first blog focused video can be seen here.

The utilisation of guerrilla marketing was tactical because it is marketing which has the element of surprise yet is completely unique and creates an excitement and hype which can filter down to the bloggers and the social media programs. This creates a conversation with the target demographic as opposed to overtly selling the product. Nowadays, customers are constantly inundated with marketing and so it tends to be more effective if instead of the product being actively sold, to try and get the customer to seek out the product.  Some campaigns included the water cube installations as well as water bottle promotions, coupled with catwalk sponsorships. Our team interview video can be seen here.


Introducing Evie Cutshaw

The approach that I took was that sustainability could be sexy; you can wear beautiful luxurious garments and feel chic while saving the earths resources. This project was a great lesson in real life experience. Working with a variety of team members and coordinating our efforts to complete a project is real world experience.  I look forward to seeing what happens next with my designer Nelson’s collection in the Spring.


This is the final post by Fashion Marketing students, involved in the unique AirDye competition from Fall 2010.  The students created a group Facebook page, in order to keep track of the progress they were making. Be sure to keep an eye on it during the Spring semester, as Fashion Design students will complete their designs and the Photography students will continue documenting their work.  Congratulations to all the students on a successful project!