AirDye & Parsons, Scene 3

Written by Evanna Cutshaw, Fashion Marketing.

Recently I sat down with our team, designer Nelson Santovenia and photographer Hannah Mooy to get to know each one a little bit better. Here’s what they had to say.

What intrigued you about this project?

Nelson Santovenia: I was very intrigued with the new technology that Airdye offered.

Hannah Mooy: When Thomas Warner approached me about this project I was beyond excited to know I’d be doing something with fashion. Before I had a formal chat with him, he told me it was for Airdye, so I did some research. The way they’re producing so many textiles with half of the energy and water amazed me. I was delighted to be a part of something that will most likely, change textiles forever. And once I heard that we would be working with talented students I of course immediately said yes.

Where do you think this project will take you?

NS: I think this project will really help my thesis presentation standout from the rest and really highlight my very print driven aesthetic.

HM: Hopefully to another project! Maybe someone will see my images and will want to hire me, that is my number one objective. If not – then some inspiration. It amazes me how differently designers think and work, so to see the way the collections and textiles are created will spark inspiration for my oncoming projects.

Why did you chose Parsons?

NS: I choose Parsons because I like the way the school pushed fashion design not only conceptually but also commercial. I wanted to learn to make beautiful clothes, but beautiful clothes that would sell.

HM: I’ve always wanted to go. I mean honestly, it’s New York City, is there any other reason? Actually yes, my mother wanted to attend Parsons when she was my age, but attended the University of Maryland instead. I’ve heard so many great things about Parsons and it was my first and only pick for college. The moment I got accepted I declared I was going, didn’t matter how much money it cost. Parsons is the best of the best, and you want to be with the best of the best, right?

What is the inspiration for the collection?

NS: Growing up in a baseball stadium and watching my dad play professional baseball. The graphic elements are from his baseball cards.

What  do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses?

NS: My strengths are being dedicated, hardworking, and friendly. My weaknesses are that sometimes I am oversensitive and too analytical at times.

HM: My strengths are creativity, determination and an insightful eye into marketing in a photographic sense. My weaknesses are that I am my toughest critique. I have to be really involved with the process which can sometimes create stress and make a lot of issues for me. Also working too hard and too much!

What 3 words describe you best?

NS: Artistic, loving, optimistic.

HM: Direct, determined, innovative

What do you think the benefits for Airdye are within the fashion industry?

NS: The marriage of sustainability and a good design solution.

HM: The benefits are going to be HUGE. The way that Airdye is producing fabrics in a green, environmental friendly way, is outstanding. I think fashion designers will be able to create beautiful garments on environmentally safe textiles, but also with beautiful fabric choices. I’m really proud to be a part of something like this.

Where are you from? And does your background play a part of who you are aesthetic?

NS: I am from Miami, Florida, and come from a Cuban decent. Totally. It’s (my background )has given me a love for color and print, as well as love for tropical climate.

HM: Annapolis, Maryland. I am passionate for photography and fashion because of my background, not necessarily my hometown location. My mother majored in fashion merchandising, worked at an opera house designing and sewing the garments. She also created many of the clothes I wore throughout my childhood. My father works as a creative director for advertising. I’ve been raised with the appreciation of art my entire life. If I lived anywhere else in the world I would have the same passion for what I’m studying and what I hope to become.

What’s next for you?

NS: I’m excited to go through the process of seeing my textiles come to life, and also to collaborate with students outside of major.

HM: Graduation! Traveling! Fashion Magazines! You name it. Anything that can get my name out there, anything that can spark inspiration. I hope to work for a magazine one day, if not photographing for them, then a creative director.