Lauren Greene, editor and writer, visits Fashion Publishing

Lauren Greene, Fashion Writer and Editor

Last week, Fashion Publishing was lucky enough to have fashion writer and editor, Lauren Greene, pay us a visit and give us insider tips of the publishing world. Greene was written five books, including the recent Seventeen’s Ultimate Guide to Style, as well as an untold number of fashion features. Here’s a glimpse into her wisdom, via the Fashion Publishing gang.

a) The beauty of being a writer is that you can write about, literally, anything. And with creditable sources you can write about anything with authority; b) Apparently, David Bowie is short; c) Digital Media will open the door for new fashion writing jobs as demand for digital content rises. -Julia

Finding out the very little communication that happens between writers and the fashion department was what struck me the most, as it’s a field I’m interested in. Kind of like, “Secrets of fashion magazine revelations”. -Alexandra

a) You can write about all kinds of subject matter in Fashion Publishing (women’s health, teens, bridal…) and b) Brides Magazine has a “divorced” file!  -Mary

The early development of fashion features and the writing associated with them are done separately, and often by different editors. -Maria Elena

Working at different publications is a good way of learning about different things and getting promoted faster. -AJ

More often than not, it is a freelance fashion writer’s job to build the narrative around the editorial. -Kiki

During the hiring and interview process at magazines, an editorial test is given. -Yvette

There is often a lack of communication between the people who shoot the editorial and the people who write the captions and develop the concept. -Nick P.

Brides shown in magazines don’t get to keep their dresses! -Sarah J.