Project Linus 2014

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Four years ago the Fashion and Mentoring group established a worthwhile tradition; a sustainable way to give back to the community, while utilizing resources, and student’s / teacher’s talents.

We began by meeting the last week of school in the studio classrooms, gathering all leftover fabrics (soft fabrics work best) and meeting for one day to make quilts / blankets together.

We are thrilled to announce we will be working again on making blankets for this worthwhile organization.  Project Linus is an organization that provides homemade blankets, as well as comfort, to children who are ill, traumatized, or in need of a new, handmade blanket across the country.

To read more on Project Linus, visit:

To view some of the beautiful quilts created during the past years:

We are encouraging students and faculty from all levels to participate in this project!  Select a time and place your class can work together to create quilts.  Multiple students can work on one blanket or one student may produce a single blanket, it’s up to you!­

Drop off location and due date will be shared later.  We hope to be able to display the blankets within one of our common areas in the UC or 2 W 13th. Street.  Looking forward to a high participation from faculty and students of all levels and across programs.