Saga Furs: Celebrating 10 years of Partnership


Parsons Fashion benefit 2012

Celebrating 10 years of Partnership

Want to know more about the fur industry?  Aside from working with the biggest Fashion houses around the world, SAGA FURS have contributed to the career of Parsons Alumni Brandon SonNolan Bellavance, and Christopher Benz.

All students are invited to attend this special presentation.

Charles Ross, from Saga Furs will be discussing:

When: Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Time: 2pm-3pm

Where: Norell Room, room 503, 560 7th Ave building.






For a decade, Finland based Saga Furs has partnered with Parsons School of Fashion to provide students with immersive sponsorship opportunities. Through this engagement, participants learn about the heritage of Saga and it’s commitment to preserving the craft of responsible luxury while being tasked to innovate with materials and techniques.