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Machine Knitting Studios

63 Fifth Ave, 5th floor   •   These studios are open during class time and workshop time. We are currently assessing the availability otherwise and will post shortly.
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

NOTE: The Knitting Studio is open only to students currently enrolled in machine knitting classes, and is accessed via keycard.

The Machine Knitting Studios are located on the 5th floor within the U Building at 63 5th Ave. Room 517 is equipped with twelve Silver Reed SK280 Domestic Knitting Machines, a Parvalux Yarn Cone Winder and Hauge Linkers. Additional Silver Reed Knitting Machines, ribbing attachments and lace carriages are available, see a faculty member or technician for access. Pre-punched patterned cards, punchers, cast-on combs and machine needles are provided. Students must provide their own weights, transfer tools, needle pushers and blank punch cards.

Room 519 contains thirteen Dubied Industrial non-electric knitting machines in a variety of gauges from 2.5 to 12, a Parvalux Yarn Cone Winder and Hauge Linkers. Accessories for use on the Dubied machines (e.g. combs, weights) are only accessible during class time and workshop hours by a faculty member or technician.

Both knitting rooms have shelves of free yarn available for student use. The knitting rooms have some supervision outside of class time and students will be responsible for keeping the room neat and promptly reporting problems.

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